i want to fall in love


i can’t make myself leave my bed


"Emily, I made dinner~"

Prison changes a man.

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Daud and Corvo having a precious moment. Daud moves closer to the other man, strokes his hand and whispers seductivelly:

I͈ ̥̩w̴̘͇͓̪̝̖͍į̮l̥l̴͙̜͉ ̰̥̥͇ͅc̯u̞͚ͅt̺͢ ̠̮͇͘ỵ̦̥͘o͟ṳ̡̬͖̬̣̗r͎̪̘̟̗̳ ̴͙̭͎̖͙̻ͅh̀a҉̠̤̣̦͉n̩̲̬d͍͔ͅ ̷̝̘̙o͏ff͎͚̪̘̹̦.̹͉̻͙


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dlcs really want to make sure that you know it is indeed daud who killed the empress

mom just started yelling that we need to clean the house

and i was like, can i finish my coffee first

and she started yelling how we are all lazy and never do anything, fine, she will do everything herself as usual

jesus christ woman, i just woke up, what the fuck

  • Reading yaoi at 2am: I'm not going to sleep until they have sex.
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how many ‘drunken whaler’ remixes do i have to listen before i get sick of the song


This is so relevant right now.


This is so relevant right now.

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if i lay here

if i just lay here

do u think this fanfic will write itself

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Imagine your icon seeing all they’ve ever loved being torn apart in front of them and being powerless to prevent it from happening.

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